• Lighting Upgrades
  • Lighting Upgrades



“Relamp your existing T8 fluorescent lights with ENERGY SAVING T8 FLUORESCENT and let the savings pay for the entire cost of the lamps, labor, and even the disposal of the old fluorescent T8 lamps!”

PEM provides the following maintenance services to all types of business:

  1. OFFICE BUILDING RELAMPING / MAINTENANCE – Group relamping is the most cost effective way to minimize labor cost and maintain high quality light levels.Reduce your currentT8 energy consumption by 50% with energy saving LED T8 lamps.
    1. Repair lighting controls.
    2. Install new digital time clocks with battery backup and summer skips (applicable for Title 24)
    3. Repair faulty wiring or trouble shoot lack of power to existing Lighting Systems.
    4. Replace defective ballast and lamps.
    5. Replace damaged poles and add LED Light Heads.
    6. Available boom lift with working height of 40’ feet.
  3. WAREHOUSE AND INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING MAINTENANCE – Relamp,  High Bay fixtures including higher fixtures that require lifts. Replace defective ballast and sensors.
  4. MONTHLTY AND YEARLY MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS – PEM provides all types of fixed maintenance cost to fit your budget, for yearly, monthly, or on a as call basis.
  5. RELIABLE SERVICES – PEM provides competitive and timely maintenance services with our experienced technicians.
  6. LAMP DISPOSAL – PEM to provide removal and processing of fluorescent and HID lamps with a certificate of disposal.